Stacy was born and raised in Savannah, GA. He has always been involved with the arts in some form or fashion since he was a little lad. Some of his great passions are music, photography, travel, sports and automobiles. After high school, he worked as a Production Assistant on major motion picture sets. Unfortunately, all of the fun was gone when the film market was tapering off from the coastal south Georgia market. So, he then decided to go off to school to study Film/Video and Music Business Entertainment in Miami earning a degree in the Arts. During college, he worked for Warner Brothers Music Group, as a College Representative. After graduation, he started shooting photos as an independent photographer in his hometown. Meanwhile, Atlanta was calling him. Next, he made the move and embarked on a job at Sony Music Entertainment in marketing. While at Sony, he placed one of his passions on hold for the corporate world. One one hand, working in the music business was a passion too; one the other hand, it was 24/7 leaving no time for Q-tography. Today, due to the on-going, rapid, and blistering decline in music sales 12 years of marketing Sony Music came to an end. All in all, Stacy decided to start his own Q-tography and music entertainment-consulting firm called The Eye Q Agency. “Through my Q-tography I aim to document my own personl experiences with a lens and share them with the world.” – StaySee Q. © 2009, 2010 Eye Q Agency . All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly forbidden. network news bio links contact